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RCS are specialists in Road Construction Surveys providing laser scanning services for construction, engineering, mining, architectural and GIS applications.


Toora Wind farm

  • Evaluation of temporary access tracks from contours plans
  • Details surveys or proposed routes using GPS and total Station
  • Design of access roads to 12 Generators
  • Plans and Quantities

City link Tunnels

  • As builts of tunnel floors to determine final pavement
  • Monitoring 3d Real-time for profiling High spots.
  • Data prep for Pave set asphalt pavers.
  • As builts of all pavement layers.

Melbourne Water Rehabilitation Greens Road Dandenong

  • Continual surveys of all excavated materials
  • Data tracking of all material excavated and disposed of ( all onsite)
  • Volume verifications and plotting

Bass Hwy

  • Duplication of Bass Hwy stages 4/5/6
  • 6km of dual carriageways

M1 upgrade

  • 10km of freeway widening from Warrigul to Jackson’s Road
  • As builts for design of 100m twin span bridge widening and setout
  • Both Trimble and Leica machine control systems used.

Melbourne Airport

  • widening of main runway intersections and
  • Taxiways ,Aprons including complex flame traps,refeul points and GSEs
  • Trimble machine control, in conjuntion with S6 robotic stations, to ensure a surface
  • Within 5mm of design.

Noise and Retaining Wall

Sub divisional works

  • All aspects including, bulk earthworks, drainage, kerb and footpath setout.
  • and machine control systems
  • (we currently service over 20 companies with anywhere from 5-8 crews)